At the beginning of 2000, our website was being amended and unfortunately, before we were able to renew it, a Dutch student, who had attended some classes with Master Tam, decided to buy our web domain name without consulting us first. We were unaware that he had done so and discovered it too late to get back our original domain name. Upon investigation, this student became extremely belligerent and defensive and it became obvious that he knew he had done something on the sly, but wasn’t prepared to be honourable about it, in the way that behove a kung fu brother and student – luckily such blatant disrespect is a rare occurrence.

As part of his reason for going ahead and using Master Tam’s domain name and trade name without consulting us, is because he apparently feels that his school is bigger than ours, and international, since he has allegedly opened schools in the USA and Europe. He has also made use of the word, ‘international’ in the new name and we are sure that he does not understand that therefore he has opened a school with the same name as Grandmaster Leung Ting’s school – In Chinese, WingTjun International is spelt the same way.

After many years, today he no longer teaches anything resembling WingTsun, which he went to study in Hong Kong for a short period of time, instead now, he teaches ‘Weng Chun’, according to his new Chinese logo. Unfortunately, he is still using our trade name: WingTjun and also our original website:

However, all this meant that we had no other option but to register our website at our new domain name in the UK only. In any case, as we have already left the EWTO years earlier, we prefer to use the entire title of our school, Tam Yiu Ming WingTjun Kung Fu Academy.

We are including the above explanation, so that there will be no misunderstandings at all. We are not now related to, nor have ever before, had any connection with the Dutch WingTjun school, or any of its alleged branches anywhere else in the world, nor have any of their students, including their headman, received any recognition or grading from our Academy.