The WingTjun grading system reflects that of IWTA.

The grading system is divided into four stages:

1. The Student Stage – comprising twelve grades from the beginner to the graduate. The grades are reflected in certificates received for grades completed. However, passing the eight grade also means a change of uniform from a white T-shirt to a black one, still comprising the logo, but this time the logo will be silver-and-white. At this stage, the examiner will check the students’ self-defence applications every three months. Providing the student passes each examination undertaken, it will take 3 years to complete all 12 student grades. The techniques learnt at this stage, will include developing the student’s instinctive fighting spirit.

2. The Technician Stage – following the student grades, this level encompasses the Primary to the Fourth Levels. During this stage, the students become known as Technicians. The Technicians are regarded as having learned the techniques of WingTjun, and are able to use them, although not necessarily efficiently enough yet to apply them all at will. At this time, the Technicians concentrate primarily on basic WingTjun to advanced WingTjun techniques. At the Second Technician stage, the Technician can consider qualifying in instructor training, because it is a rare individual indeed who wants to continue with the study of in-depth WingTjun techniques and theories, without also wanting to give something back, or to support, others.

3. The Practician Stage – following on from the Technician levels, the Practician stage incorporates the Fifth to the Eighth Levels and here students become known as Practicians. They are regarded as being able to apply their techniques with absolute proficiency and adeptness, besides having a high standard of striking power. The higher the level of a Practician, the more he knows about the theories and techniques of WingTjun. At this stage a Practician is able to understand the theories of kungfu styles other than his own, and by comparing the different theories, he will have a better understanding of his own system, thus being able to improve his WingTjun techniques himself.

4. The Stage of Enlightenment, the final levels of the WingTjun system, consists of the Ninth to the Twelfth Levels. These reflect the WingTjun practitioner’s understanding of the theories of both WingTjun and also of other martial arts systems. At this stage, the WingTjun practitioner should have a thorough understanding of the concepts of the WingTjun system to such a degree, that he is able to explain any theoretical problems, and explore the strong and weak points of the theories. Still further, he is able to blend the theories, not only of WingTjun, but also of other martial arts, using a scientific and structured approach, into a transcendent level of philosophy.